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Cloud & Infrastructure Consulting

In-house and public cloud deployments that can give you flexibility, agility and focus on optimising production workloads.

Desktop, Laptop, Tablets and Smart Phone Support

Desktops and applications provide a more secure and scalable business IT infrastructure. This allows you to respond rapidly to fluctuating business and end user needs, as well as reducing costs. The Virtual Desktop Infrastructure will effectively use your existing computer resources without increasing costs.


VoIP allows you to replace the traditional PSTN(Analogue lines) by transmitting telephone calls over the internet. This is accomplished by converting the analogue signal into a digitised version, transmitting this through the internet connection.

Server and Firewall Monitoring

We have a proactive approach to support our customers networks. We implement a monitoring strategy to identify potential problems, we create alerts to prevent any probable intrusion and we advise on how to get high availability through fell over.

Server Installation

Whether you are upgrading or migrating to a new server or require help and support with an existing machine, our technicians offer free and independent advice. Every solution is carefully planned to meet your needs, timescales and budget.


We are designing and implementing Solutions for your business. We provide tailored solutions for local and wide area networks, wireless networking or mobile computing using a whole range of available technology to identify the correct solution for your needs and budget.

Disaster Recovery

The City and Central London LoftyIT look after hundreds of business computer systems throughout London and Coventry and, for the vast majority of these, it is imperative that Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans are in place.

Hospitality WiFi

We provide the Wi-Fi that will make your guests happier, with the best technology, simple, yet elegant Wi-Fi designs, and unmatched speed.

Office Relocations

Over the years, LoftyIT has been involved in several office relocations for our clients. Moving offices is a daunting project and knowing that your computer systems will be safely relocated and installed in a working condition ensures that your business won’t be affected.

Data Cabling

Your data cabling is intended to be the most durable part of your computer network, lasting up to 20 years. It is therefore very important to get it right and designed by genuine experts.

IT Audit

Small businesses can often find the ongoing management of their computer systems, software and hardware warranties time-consuming and problematic. As your IT specialist, LoftyIT can remove the burden and manage your IT assets (both software and hardware) on your premises or in the Cloud.

Wi-Fi Solutions for Student Accomodation

Your students need wi-fi and you need a system that is robust and easy to manage. Find out more about our guest Wi-Fi solution for student accommodation.



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LoftyIT was founded in 2014 and provides fully outsourced IT, technology solutions and IT consulting to businesses and home office support.

Our expertise and experience in different industries such as Hospitality, Retail, Finance, Construction, Legal & HR ensures that we are well placed to appreciate the unique challenges and advise you on the best practices for your specific sector.

At the same time, we understand that each business is different and work with you to gain an understanding of your specific business IT support requirements and priorities which enables us to deliver a truly bespoke IT and Network support service.


Why you choose us

We have a proven record of accomplishments in providing exceptional IT services.  We provide the best-specialised skills and customised solutions for any kind of business and our consulting and implementation services ensure a well organised and competitive business.

We assist in the design, deployment and on-going development of computing solutions on which our clients depend.

Our superb knowledge and experience of information technology products and our commitment to the best quality and the absolute client satisfaction ensures that you will receive the highest standard of service

We listen to our clients, and we know the stress, time and cost to have specialised and always up to date technical support. That’s why we always have fixed solutions for you.  We have a network of experts, which covers everything required to get the job done.
We even do the market research for you providing multiple choices in products, costs and services. You only have to choose the best-tailored solution for you. 

We can SUPPORT you